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Games Design


Game Front End

This was the front end of the game that I drew up and used to pitch the game to the programmer I was working with luckily they liked the idea and agreed to work on it with me which was awesome as games design was always something I wanted to get into and this was a fantastic opportunity for me

Early Development

This was the easterly build of the game we had a few interactive elements like the collectable heart and the thorny bush that if you touch it takes health from your health even with these few basic elements the game felt like it was relay coming together and peaked my enthusiasm for game design.


Baddy’s and threats

Now we had a basic game to work with it was time to put in some intractable elements like this bad guy you see here This was hard to get correct as allot more was involved But once the first bad guy was in the game and working I was intently exited as I think it was one more element of fun that tied the game together.

Other Characters and NPC’S

This character is rockets lab assistant Dead Eyes the Newt he’s a blind lab technician who makes up for being blind with his huge intellect and knowledge of chemistry he is the inventor of Explode the substance that when combined with water creates a powerful combustion effect, It was awesome implementing all the elements that would make the character move and talk E.G dialog boxes and character animations.

Weapons and Threats

This part of the level is where we decided to introduce to weapons like wall mounted turrets and lasers just to add a layer of difficulty to the game and some problem-solving E.G the lasers and to be turned off by flipping a switch. Although you don,t know what leaver is going to switch of what laser so you would have to do some within the level before the puzzle is solved.


This was something we thought we’d thought wed put into the game to see how it would work, although the artwork wasn’t complete for this fan when we put it in the game it was cool to see how it would work and affect the character and motivated me to think outside of the box when it came to designing things that could improve the quality of the game.


Doors and Levels

We added doors so we could flit between levels and different rooms easily these were a good way to change the scenery seamlessly without looking weird or disjointed here we see the door from the lab to the engineering room.

Character Redesign and Development

I decided to re-design the main character Rocket because someone told me he looks like a minion I took this criticism on board as I thought it was a valid point and there together some designs. Even though most people would be disappointing with this I decided to see it as a positive and an opportunity to improve the quality of the game as a whole.


rocket frog redesign

This was my first redesign of the character although I think its an improvement of the original character I still think it needs work.




Rough sketches

Rough sketches of the A redesign ready to be illustrated and I feel like a character more along these lines would work better when implemented into the game. and more matches the overall background style and aesthetic of the game.

New Rocket Sprite,

This was a quick sprite/conceptĀ I Illustrated in my lunch hour at work it’s closer to the character design I would like But it still need’s allot of work before I will implement it into the game